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Default The 100 Sisters Challenge
The 100 Sisters Challenge Hi! Welcome to the 100 sisters challenge! Keep in mind this is my first challenge EVER so sorry if there is a similar challenge. This is based off of the 100 baby challenge. Respectful and constructive criticism is welcome. Enjoy!

A young woman has a teenage pregnancy and has a daughter. This daughter always wanted a LOT of sisters so her mother tried to pass down generations of baby's until the reach 100 daughters. any boys must be taken away by objects delete, move them in with their father or you can have them work for your daughters. I know that sounds mean but its part of the challenge. For this challenge I recommend the traits Family oriented, natural cook, workaholic, irresistible and friendly.

1.Put all life spans to normal.
2.Make a young adult woman and girl toddler in CAS.
3.Only use a man twice.
4.No aging up daughters until the game says it's their birthday.
5.You may use fertility treatment but no money cheats (genie, inheritance, mother lode,kaching.)
6.You must eat watermelons for breakfast lunch and a choice of whatever for dinner during pregnancy's.
7.toddlers must learn all skills.
8. Children must have a boy best friend then the next child gets a girl best friend and so on and so forth.
9. Teens must date 2 boys then if their best friend is a boy they date them after two boyfriends.
10. When a daughter becomes a young adult they must get married and have a big wedding.
11. You must get the daughter pregnant before she can move out with her husband. mother must have a full time job and reach level 5 in the career by going to work or working from home (working from home is easier.)
13.You must randomize the traits except for the beginning in create a sim.
14. Remember your adult has to reach level 5 before she is an elder then she can settle down.
15. toddlers must have a good relationship with a babysitter whenever they need one.

Enjoy the challenge!
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Are the teens absolutely required to date boys?

98% of teenagers do or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2% who hasn't copy & paste this in your siggy.
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@katlovet10 Well it does say it in the rules, but you don't have to
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Doing this for sure!! Finally get to put my female cc to some good use.
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