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New Creator Theme: Elders! - posted on 1st Sep 2018 at 11:43 AM
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#15576 Old Yesterday at 3:38 PM

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#15577 Old Yesterday at 3:42 PM
Originally Posted by altanna
However, if I use the "try for baby" command with the parents, the two eldest get angry. The boy actually ran into his parents room and started silly slapping the dad. When I checked, it showed both teens 'furious with the parents. I just don't understand. I checked their fears, and there were a couple of silly ones (i.e. "see hail") and the serious, "be rejected for first kiss" on both kids. Any ideas? Thank!

Hmm, are one of the parents remarried? Or having an affair? It sounds like the kids think one of them (or both) is cheating. I have seen this before and sometimes there is no apparent cause--kids just hate their parents' pda, I guess. But usually this happens when a sim's spouse dies and then the sim remarries later on. The kids all think their parent is cheating on the dead spouse.

Capp family in Veronaville is a classic example of this. If Consort remarries and invites his kids to the wedding, all his kids and grandkids will get furious from watching the wedding and get negative signs for every romantic social Consort and his new spouse make--even if the family member was friends or best friends with the new spouse. (It happened to me once, it was pretty epic.) All because they think Consort is cheating on their mom/grandma.

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#15578 Old Today at 2:32 AM
Can I bulldoze a previously-owned community lot without borking anything?
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#15579 Old Today at 3:05 AM
As long as it's no longer owned and there are no gravestones on it, it won't break anything.

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